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Small, but nice. We are not amongst the big players in our business, but amongst the best when it comes to offering operative support for complex projects. Project Office Services are what we are all about. Whether you need professionally presented information or clearly structured reports, we keep things off your back and work to your schedule, reliably and fast.

We are right for you if

  • you need assistance in setting up an exceptionally large project (from 1 to 10 million Euros, project duration from 1 year).
  • you need ongoing controlling of the objectives, costs and schedule of a large project.
  • you are looking for a right hand for the Project Manager of a large project, so he/she can focus on managing the stakeholders and the project development. Or perhaps you are this Project Manager?
  • you need a clear, graphically presented monthly status report with the most important facts of your projects.
  • Project Management is somehow done by everybody, but lacks a uniform approach so projects can, for example, be compared.
  • your project landscape has grown over the years. You and your staff are too stretched to regularly look after all running projects.
  • you have various projects that run simultaneously and need a brief monthly report.
  • you seek to discover and benefit from synergies within your company.
  • you want an outside opinion on the state of your internal Project Management in order to develop your real potential
  • you are of the firm belief that professional and successful projects give you a competitive advantage which you wouldn’t want to miss out on.



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